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About the Company

NuLeaf Nutrition Strives To...
1. Provide scientifically-backed information to help others find a nutrition plan that fits their individual health/fitness goals.
2. Educate people in achieving optimal nutrition in attempts to prevent the development of chronic diseases. 
3. Improve total health by emphasizing balance in the diet and physical activity.

“Hello, I’m Katelyn Greenleaf, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist!  I graduated from the University of Alabama with a Masters degree in Food and Nutrition.  I competed as a collegiate athlete for UA on the track and cross country teams, during which I was able to qualify and compete at the NCAA national meet.  I received numerous SEC and Regional academic and athletic honors, and currently hold the UA record in the 3k steeple chase.  Since completing my time as a college athlete, I have coached multiple athletes to individual and state titles, and was a former coach at Orange Theory Fitness in Gainesville, FL.  I have a passion to use my experience and love for athletics, and my knowledge about the proper nutrition to help athletes perform their very best.  I believe this starts with support from the family, and reliance on the Lord.  I am excited to offer my services as a nutritionist that are scientifically-backed and applicable for all!”

About the Dietitian, Nutritionist

If you were searching for " Dietitian, Nutritionist Gainesville FL " you have come to the right place!

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