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Pomegranate Bowl

What makes this healthier than other recipes?

Even though Acai Bowls have become a popular trend, there is not enough research available that proves any additional benefit over other types of berries.  In addition, many smoothie restaurants add high calorie and high sugar toppings in the bowl to decrease nutritional value.  Here are some healthy swaps that make this recipe a great substitution...

1. Pomegranate powder, used in the base, has nutritional benefits backed by research starting with the high amount of antioxidant properties (which keep the body balanced/in check).  Research on pomegranate suggests this fruit may decrease risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

2. Multi-grain cheerios are used instead of granola.  This offers a lower sugar and lower calorie substitution.

3. Vanilla greek yogurt is substituted for peanut butter or nutella drizzle.  This offers an additional flavor that is high in protein, and lower in calorie than other spreads.

4. This recipe serving comes out to be around 290 calories while a typical smoothie restaurant açaí bowl comes out to be around 500-600 calories.

Pomegranate Bowl Recipe
pomegranate picture.jpg


-3/4 cup frozen strawberries, bananas

-1/2 cup low fat milk

-2 ice cubes

-2T pomegranate powder

-1/4 cup multi-grain cheerios

-1/2 individual container (2.5oz) of "2 good vanilla greek yogurt" (can substitute other low fat yogurt from another brand).

-1/2 cup strawberries and blueberries

**optional 2T powder peanut butter (add 50 calories and 5g protein)


1-add frozen fruit, low fat milk, ice, and powder into the blender.  Alternate between pulse and blend until smooth desired texture for the base.

2-pour blended mixture into a bowl.

3-add cheerios and whole fruit on top.

4-drizzle yogurt over bowl.

**optional step: if using powder peanut butter, mix powder PB with yogurt until there are no clumps.  Now proceed to step 4 and drizzle.

pomegranate bowl.JPG
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