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PB Cheesecake

Why is this recipe a healthy option?

1. Low-fat Greek Yogurt- This is higher in protein than regular yogurt.  It contains probiotics for a healthy gut, and calcium for healthy bones.

2. Powder Peanut Butter- This option is lower in fat/calories than regular peanut butter.  It gives the yogurt the thick cheesecake texture.

3. Strawberries- This fruit is high in vitamin C.  It is high in antioxidants, which help the body lower inflammation/stress.

PB Cheesecake Recipe

PB Cheesecake.JPG


-1/4c low-fat, low-sugar greek yogurt

-1/8 + 1T powder peanut butter

-2-3 strawberries

-optional: 1/8c low sugar granola (additional ~50 calories)


**optional step: pour thin single layer of granola on the bottom of serving dish.

1-add yogurt and powder peanut butter in a separate bowl.  Stir until there are no powder clumps.

2- scoop PB yogurt mixture on top of granola or in serving dish.

3-refrigerate at least 30 minutes or longer.

4-chop strawberries and serve on top.


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