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See what others have to say about when they decided to get serious about their nutrition. 

"Losing weight can be difficult.  A lot of people will lose weight and feel weak, tired, or gain it all back.  Working with Katelyn helped me manage losing weight without losing any energy to do so.  I feel better than I ever have!  If you are looking to finally reach that weight goal, look no further."

Nick is a top high school athlete in cross county, wrestling, and track.  He competed in the FHSAA State meet, and was top 3 in the entire state of Florida as most improved athlete from 2016-2017.  Nick is a prime example of how nutrition is key if an athlete wants to get serious about their sport.

-Nick Carbone-

"I had indigestion, high blood pressure and my joints ached more due to weight gain. I have always stayed pretty active, with various types of exercise, but that was not enough.  My eating habits needed to change.  Katelyn gave me a food menu that was easy to follow and included some of my favorites.  The meal plan was easy to follow and gave a great foundation to focus on for a life-change. It (the decision between a fad diet and a life-style change) is almost the same as choosing a long-term relationship, or a fling….  Do you want a life that grows with you, or a good time that doesn’t last?"

-Cathi Overton-


About 2.5 months later and 20 pounds lighter!

"My goal was to gain weight, which I had struggled with previously.  Katelyn helped me reach my goal by informing me of nutritional alternatives to the food choices I regularly made, and providing a meal plan that actually worked.  Within 3 weeks, my muscle percentage increased, and I had gained pounds (the most I had gained in the 2 months before using her program).  Katelyn improved my perspective on health more than I believe she realizes.  Thanks Katelyn!"

Cidavia competes at a major D1 University for volleyball.  CiCi is an example of how the right plan can help you accomplish your nutrition goals in an enjoyable way!

-Cidavia Hall-

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